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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Evening

- Sharon Angle is positioning herself to be probably the biggest Tea Bagger on the planet. She favors everything from abolishing income tax to shutting down the Dept. of Education. Considering she has the backing of The Tea Party Express and Club For Growth, there's going to be a lot of money behind this woman. The next step will likely be a debut on Fox"News" where her ability to memorize the more fringe talking points will be tested. Let the background checking begin.

- Conservatives hate when they are in a position where they have to answer for the administration(s) they championed as "saviors for America" are actually culpable in tragedies for this country. They hate it so much that they refuse to answer such valid claims. This is no different when it comes to the well recorded history of impropriety of the Bush era MMS. Accountability - conservatives love to preach it but rarely ( if ever ) practice it.

- It will never cease to be funny - conservatives shouting that they demand action from the Obama administration and when there is action they engage in a collective whine that would make even the most grizzled of daycare workers scream in blood curdling horror. So, when Obama laid out some serious action regarding deep water drilling rigs, guess what happened?

- You would think that in the mostly advanced world that we live in today that Democrats would have evolved along with many of us in the liberal/progressive movement. This, however, simply isn't true, and the upcoming vote on the repeal of DADT is going to prove this. It appears that some House Democrats simply don't want to talk about repealing DADT. Far too many Dems are really good at talking a big game and not following through. They are almost as much trouble as the Republicans we have to deal with.

- Indoctrination and the modern conservative movement are quite comfortable bedfellows. Well, when it comes to indoctrination people into the "Christian lifestyle". Michelle Bachman, a very vocal opponent of Obama speaking to school kids via a video, is all in favor of military chaplains preaching at non-religious events.

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