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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For White Girls Only

Seems that conservatives will do anything to defend white women and their indiscretions of the past while others just simply have to take all the vitriol they dish out.

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih was a contestant in a stripping contest sponsored by a Detroit radio station, is reporting.

Fakih appears in several photos on, a morning show on Detroit's Channel 955.

Two of the photos are from a strip tease contest held in 2007, and show Fakih performing on a stripper pole in front of an audience of women dressed in their underwear.

And while Fox"News" and their compatriots over at Fox Nation ( you know, that place where they don't have to pretend to be "fair and balanced" anymore ) are using the completely clothed in pictures from the pole-dancing party to insinuate that Fakih is somehow unfit to be MISS USA, they are also insists that she supports Hezbollah.

Local officials said the Fakih family is one of the largest in the village that has a population of about 10,000 people and surrounding areas. As is common among Lebanon's Shiites, Fakih comes from a large, extended clan that includes everything from supporters of the Islamic militant groups Hezbollah and Amal to secular Shiites and even communists.

So since I grew up in a strict conservative family and my brother is an unblushing racists, does that make me one too? Of course it doesn't, so the guilt by associate meme ( that conservative continually claim never applies to them ) is fully in play here. There is absolutely no piece of verifiable evidence that Fakih supports Hezbollah, or Al Queada, the PLO, or even the Tooth Fairy or Jack Frost. Then again, all we need is a very vague corollary based on the alleged "norm" for people with a large family with Lebanese heritage.

Does the hypocrisy against non-conservative women get any more blatant?

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