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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ignorant Of History

Count this as another example of a Tea Bagger that wants to rewrite well recorded history.

But now it appears that Hayworth is doing his best to spin this in his favor.

The language of the two war resolutions is more or less identical, except for two lines: Japan “committed unprovoked acts of war against the Government and the people of the United States of America” and Germany “formally declared war against the government and the people of the United States of America:” Either way, in the lines that followed war was officially “declared.”

Hayworth is now attempting to split some hairs by saying he was referring to Roosevelt’s “message,” regarding Germany but the outcome, and the wording of the outcome, is the same. Probably in the future Hayworth should just stick with the basic facts and not attempt any frivolous interpretation.

I reminded of a special program Beck did on history and how it's recorded. He attempted to use the example of a news story being put through "the system" so that video and audio footage, along with accompanying text, can be called up in a control room at will. The only problem with this rationalization is that he was setting himself up for failure from the start, by relying on discredited, misleading, and often completely false information.

The same is true for Hayworth. I'm not entirely sure where he came up with this notion that America never declared war on Germany, but it's almost a given that he is attempting to validate "The Bush Doctrine" that conservatives once claimed didn't exit ( when Sarah Palin made an abject fool of herself during her first interview with Charles Gibson ) but then later claimed was quite real and in the better interest of our nation.

In the end, conservatives have a real problem with the history of the world and more specifically the history of this nation. For people that claim to love it so unconditionally, you'd think they would get something like America's involvement in WWII correct.

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