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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Apparently today is "Everyone Draw Mohammed" Day. It's a conservative idea in order to piss off "the terrorists" and see what they might do in return. It's also a petty and childish way to approach those that abuse the Islamic faith in order to justify radicalism and killing people. So I think those of us that see this as the pointless exercise that it is should do a "Everybody Draw Jesus" day where we can be just as offensive to "Christians". And while I don't have any empathy towards those that would kill anyone in the name of Islam, I find that conservatives acting in such a manner really don't do America an good by acting this way.

- Why is BP preventing journalists from viewing the damage that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is causing? I heard yesterday afternoon on NPR that initial estimates from BP on the amount of oil being pumped into the ocean are so radically off that one has to question whether or not this issue is going to be resolved within even this year.

- Does Fox"News" even know what an apology is? When a person is honest about their country and what is going on, does that really merit this type of misleading reportage? After all, there hasn't been one instance of Obama doing or saying anything that remotely sounds like an apology.

- For the longest time, I have asked myself why any black man or woman would actively be a Republican. And while many conservatives will say that it was a Republican that freed the slaves and that the GOP were huge backers of Civil Rights, to hear Micheal Steele flop around on the issue of who blacks should support makes me wonder is he even knows what country he is living in.


Pat Tillett said...

You are right on point with these.
The last two hit a nerve with me. I get so pissed off when Fox news misrepresents things.

Kate said...

...can we do a draw Jesus day? There's already a great Jesus dress-up magnet set going around that's giving me ideas.

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