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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- It seems that Republicans are trying a new gimmick when it comes to cutting spending and bringing down the deficit. A new online project called YouCut is designed so that voting public can suggest what spending to cut from specific areas. Nevermind that the average American that would use such a social networking site has little to no idea what they are talking about ( most Tea Baggers want to do away with everything from the FDA to Department of Education ) but do you honestly think that Republicans are going actually act on anything that is suggested? Guess this is another example of how the GOP completely lacks any plan of their own.

- Modern day theologian Glenn Beck has apparently been having conversations with the voice in his head that he claims is Jesus. It seems that The Son Of God doesn't want Cap and Trade. I'm quite curious as to what Beck's Jesus thinks about bearing false witness to they neighbor. And where in the Constitution does it say anything about what Jesus does or does not want?

- Seems that in light of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Carly Fiorina that GOP candidates are opting out from appearing at fundraising events with her. I don't think it's too much of a far reaching statement, but the fractioning of the modern conservative movement ( and the GOP as a whole ) is more evident now than it ever has been.

- It's rather troubling when seeing poll results like this. I'm quite skeptical of any poll that makes such a broad determination regarding any piece of legislation that the public at large has been misinformed of. And while Pew Research has been a reliable polling agency for many years, I feel that the results shown indicated that many of the near 1000 that were polled don't seem to understand the far reaching implications of Arizona's fascist stance on this issue.

- I still don't get it. If S.E. Cupp is really an atheist, why did she write a book about how the "evil, liberal, media" is destroying religion? It just doens't make sense - unless it's all just a charade. Regardless of her motives, she gets taken to the woodshed by Cenk Uyger in the linked interview.

- Arizona is getting a lesson in "free market capitalism" that they likely won't forget anytime soon. The conservative mantra of "choice and competition" isn't exactly playing in their favor on this front, as the boycott of the state is showing a loss of millions is tourism dollars. Even the GOP didn't want to have their convention there.

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