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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Is it just me, or is anyone else troubled that Bristol Palin is going to make more money per speech than the average public school teacher makes in one year? Don't you just love conservative's version of "America".

- Considering that Fox"News" viewers favor ratings over accuracy, I'm curious as to what they have to say about Glenn Beck's continuing decline in the former category? It's almost a given that they won't care and Beck will likely attribute this to come Marxist/Communist/Maoist/Fascist/Socialist/Nazi/Stalinist/Leninist/Progressive plot.

- While some conservatives are crowing like Peter Pan on crack about Rand Paul's primary win against Trey Grayson last night, one has to wonder why they haven't noticed that around 50% more Democrats turned out to vote than Republicans.

- And right on cue, Fox"News" and conservatives run to the defense of Miss USA runner up Morgan Elizabeth Woolard. She certainly has her talking points in order more than Carrie Prejean did, and the Three Stooges of Morning TV are more than willing to hold her hand and help her out.

- Glenn Beck, who is enjoying his worst ratings since starting with Fox"News" has now turned to the lead astro-turfing organization for the Tea Baggers, FreedomWorks for support. And while Beck has made a nice sum of money off the paranoia of the Tea Baggers, it seems that he's finally realizing he can tap into more cash by latching onto Dick Armey.

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

The problem is that there are plenty of idiots and conservative sheep who eat this stuff up. I've even heard some of them quote Fox news...

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