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Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Apparently the new conservative mantra is that "we are all Arizonians now". I certainly hope not. While there are already a report of violence against American citizens who are of Hispanic heritage, that lead to murder, I'm wondering why conservatives would even want to be seen in such a light. And while it's being continually pointed out by the loudest voices on the Right that 70% of residents of Arizona support the law, I'm quite curious as to if they have not only read the 10 pages and have thought about the languages far-reaching implications.

- Conservatives are already politicizing the Miss USA Pageant and the latest winner - Rima Fakih. There's all the smear material there for several Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity programs - she's apparently less than informed on what drugs are legal and illegal and ( gasp ) she's got an Arab name. As for me, these pageants don't represent America or a plurality of women within the country. By and large they are a popularity contest where the winner is decided by a panel of judges that wouldn't know poise, honesty, and originality if it hit them in their drooling cake holes.

- Isn't it times like this when members of the Obama administration ( or Obama himself ) are called "unhinged radicals"? I hardly see how Gov. Cristie "destroyed" the reporter asking the question, but conservatives need an ego boost every now and again - especially now. If I were that reporter, I would have seen just how "thin skinned" by asking him why he is cutting funds from the state that directly impact students and education.

- Beck must have thought that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ, as he gave the commencement address at Liberty University AND gave a speech at the NRA convention within hours of each other. But did I hear right, that Beck agreed with something Mao said!?!? I'm sure the voices in his head will have him create a show where he attempts to prove that sometimes it's ok to quote your adversaries - that is, if you're a conservative.

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