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Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Rand Paul's viewpoints on racism and discrimination really don't surprise me, so it was almost to be expected that he would have connection with a radical religious group that advocates a return to slavery and the stoning of homosexuals.

- Call it another instance of "buyer's remorse" now that conservatives are engaging in a collective whine now that Scott Brown has voted with Democrats to help pass financial regulation. Seems that the proverbial "Scott heard 'round the world" meme didn't really pan out for them. Kind of makes me wonder why they're so jazzed up about November.

- Glenn Beck's personal "war on the dollar" is slowly starting to look like a losing battle, thanks in part to Congressman Anthony Weiner. The scam that Beck is perpetrating on America is one that other conservatives are happy to take part in. People like domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity regularly pimp gold coins as investments as well.

- Rush Limbaugh ( in typical fashion, mind you ) claims that the second grade girl that mentioned her mother's illegal status to Michelle Obama was a plant. This is s rather common conservative tactic when they are lacking in ability to add any form of rational discourse to the national discussion. And while these allegations are always false, they do work on the easily lead, mouth agape, conservative voters that lack any form of bone marrow intelligence.

- Chalk this up to another example of assassination hungry conservatives behaving in ways that Republicans would scream over had this been done to them. They certainly think this sort of behavior is appropriate now.

- Ever since conservatives had their asses handed to them on a platter in November 2008, they have been all about the length of proposed legislation and who has and who hasn't read said legislation. In that regard it's quite puzzling that a prominent conservative blogger turned CNN pundit would highlight ( literally ) a segment of a Rand Paul statement about the Civil Rights Act where he quite clearly claims he hasn't read it all "because it was passed 40 years ago". Is there a statute of limitations on the readability of the English language in the conservative realm?

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