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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- If companies weren't so eager to waste money on people like Bristol Palin and instead help pump it back into the economy on projects that actually matter, I'm pretty sure our economy would be turning around a lot faster.

- Considering conservatives abject hatred and complete lack of scientific knowledge, when presented with climate data like this it wouldn't surprise me if they spent millions of dollars on trying to debunk it. After all, they have invested more time and funds than one might imagine in the "climategate" emails.

- It's precisely this type of intellectually dishonest reporting that causes conservatives to react the way they do. So, are people to "settle" for something that they don't love? Have we suddenly become a country that is no longer inclined to follow their passions?

- Living in a rabidly right-wing area of Kentucky, I am privy to discussions and rhetoric that I would most certainly distance myself from. The loudest of these shouts often comes from gun owners who believe that Obama is going to take away their firearms. And while non of this is grounded in any form of reality, I find it odd and a bit disconcerting that not enough people are challenging these falsifications.

- Once again, Shepard Smith proves that he has more intellectual honesty and spine than most anyone at Fox"News". And while he does kowtow to those "in power" at the network, I really think that he deserves to be in the employ of another network. But if that were to happen, Rupert would lose his only safe-card to allow him to use the "fair and balanced" meme.

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