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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Evening

- Conservatives are still ignoring the realities of the DHS report on the escalation of Right Wing Extremism. Seems that they must think that Jerry Kane isn't worth looking at as yet another perfect example of how modern conservative ideology is radicalizing people.

- Now that Obama has promised to deploy as many as 1200 troops to the US/Mexico border as well as requesting hundreds of millions in funding, conservatives still think that this is all just theatrics. What does Obama have to do, build a fence along the entire boarder himself and pick up every illegal himself within the span of a weekend?

- Now that conservatives have suddenly become worried about budget deficits since Jan. 20th 2009, the predictably flaccid rhetoric from the GOP ( as well as their complete inaction on this issue ) has lead to this. When looking through the list of ways that the Republicans could allegedly save 1.3 trillion over 10 years seems more than just a shade disingenuous. And when one looks at this plan, you start to hear echoes of conservatives doubt of jobs that were "saved". Where the guarantee that this money will be saved? Oh, that's right, forgot about who I was talking about.

- They are few and far between, but there actually are Republicans out there that will go after Fox"News". But when their feet are held to the fire, they usually shrivel up like a slug with salt on its back. And if this guy gets Rush Limbaugh after him, then that will be the true test of a Republicans mettle. I'm guessing the walk-back will start within the next 24hrs.

- It's becoming ever clearer that Sarah Palin is an absolute train wreck outside the comfortable environs of Fox"News" and the editing suite. She recently gave a keynote address to ICSC RECon Conference and it was a complete disaster. And this isn't the first time and most certainly won't be the last. I'm wondering when these conference organizers are going to start asking for their money back.

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