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Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Micheal Steele takes issue with Rand Paul's comments on discrimination by private businesses but can't openly condemn them. Steele doesn't seem to have a problem condemning the Obama administration on a multitude of policies but as a black man in America he can't distance himself from Paul's blatant racial animus? That's GOP "leadership" for you.

- Talk about a serious lack of "spine". I mean, if Rand Paul is afraid of facing David Gregory in Meet The Press, then you won't last one term as a Senator.

- And right on cue, Sarah Palin ran to Rand Paul's defense on Fox"News" claiming that Rachel Maddow was being unfair and playing "gotcha" by asking a completely legitimate question. The bulk of conservatives are following this same narrative line and showing that they are willing to accept racial divisiveness with open arms.

- With conservatives all up in arms regarding illegal immigration and deportation of illegals, one has to question why these same people aren't being honest about the fact that the US has deported more illegals in an upward trend since 2009.

- No matter what Obama does, conservatives are going to complain about him and his administration. Now, they are claiming that he is hiding because he hasn't held an official press conference since last summer. I have to say that there are far more important things that the president needs to be doing rather than taking questions from the press pool right now.


1 comment:

marzolian said...

I had to laugh when SP said that BO is too close to the oil companies.

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