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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Looks like one of the leaders of the Republican party isn't entirely pleased with Rand Paul's performance. Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader and Senator from Kentucky, is taking on Rand Paul on his home turf. This is going to get even more interesting the closer we get to November.

- Isn't it convenient when conservatives at Fox"News" continually use the "technical error" excuse? They are at it again after a video clip of Obama giving a commencement speech at West Point was used online and the applause was strangely absent. I guess that "zero tolerance" policy for these types of "mistakes" isn't working out so well.

- Looks like someone took Erick Erickson's "shotgun" threat to heart, only she ended up pulling it on the cops too. So are we going to stop allowing conservatives to claim that there is no violent actions be perpetrated by the Tea Baggers?

- Conservatives and Fox"News" are practically wetting their collective Depends in trying to claim that the Obama administration isn't doing anything about the Gulf oil spill. A Republican Congressman from Louisiana recently took after the President on the House floor in a seriously misleading tirade. The reality that every conservative in America is missing is that the government is actually doing a lot.

- There really is no Godwin's Law within the conservative realm. And with DADT finally on the chopping block, conservatives are all in when it comes to discussing the Nazis, gays, and the military.

- After Rand Paul's admission that he thinks that private businesses should be able to discriminate on the basis of race, and the rightfully ensuing media coverage, it appears that there is a shake-up within his campaign to try and find some people that will help control the message and perhaps shield Paul from any more justifiable criticism. The trouble with this new campaign structure is that one of the key players on Rand's team was the man that defended Ron Paul for taking donations from neo-Nazis.

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