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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Defending Institutional Racism

It's almost a given now that Kentucky is going to be watched very closely by the media, considering Rand Paul won the primary this week for the Republican Senate seat. And with such attention to Paul, the conservative movement will be all in a frenzy to defend his every word and action. It's already starting.

Here's Rachel Maddow's fantastic interview with Paul. You get the sense that he has really met his match with this one.

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"First Floor Jobs"? Do they get their own drinking fountain as well?

As Paul says, "isn't it interesting" that he would never once answer Rachel's questions - not once. But as any person watching this show that wasn't about to attempt to defend Paul's stance on Civil Rights would see, he is completely in favor of anyone that owns a business to discriminate against anyone they don't agree with.

I'm reminded of signs in restaurants that read "management reserves the right....". One could say that Paul takes that stance to it's utmost extreme ends. While he has been quite clear of what he thinks is acceptable behavior by private business, it appears that some former Tea Bagger heroes are distancing themselves from Paul's point of view.

It's quite clear that Paul is completely fine with racism as long as it's not in a "publicly owned" area.

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