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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Afternoon

- In another example of how conservatives love to dish it out but can't take it, an unemployed man from Pennsylvania has been indicted for sending "harassing" emails to Republican Senator Jimm Bunning. I guess it's only conservatives that can express their outrage and not face criminal charges.

- Apparently writer Joe McGinniss has decided that living next door to Sarah Palin in Alaska is a great way to research her for his new book. And while this is already turning into a privacy invasion issue with Palin, the fact that she is discussing this with Glenn Beck tells me that McGinniss and his as yet written book will be a target for the mouth agape conservatives for quite some time. I'm guessing that Beck is going to formulate an elaborate conspiracy that ties together Joe, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, Progressive Bloggers, a mafia soldier from Queens, and the IMF.

- Granted, it's not Arizona, but this shows the far-reaching implications of the near fascist immigration law now in place there. It seems that officers in other states can't be bothered with facts regarding your citizenship if you're not white.

- It generally puts quite the smile on my face when I see conservatives continual use of Stimulus funds while they claim the program to be an abject failure. Texas governor Rick Perry continues to use these funds. He's attempting to balance his states' budget. What, a conservative not good with money? No, surely not.

- Conservatives and their media masters at Fox"News" have worked themselves into quite the lather over an alleged offer made to Joe Sestak by an unnamed person within the Obama administration. The only problem is that legal experts say this claim by conservatives and Fox is more than a little difficult to swallow. One of those contradicting the claims made by the likes of Dick Morris was a Bush ethics lawyer. Ouch.

- Like I've said before, no matter what Obama does, conservatives are going to complain. After word broke that 1200 troops would be sent to the southwest to help secure the border, Republicans began foaming at the mouth that it wasn't enough. Now the new talking point is that it's all an elaborate PR stunt. This is s typical response when conservatives lack any substantive retort. But this is just a first step of many more to come. Conservatives crave instant gratification because they lack the ability to successfully complete anything on their own.

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