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Monday, May 24, 2010

Former Guest Host?

I'm wondering how much longer Mark Davis is going to be a guest host on Limbaugh's program.

He really thinks that Meet The Press is a "hostile" program? He really thinks that liberals are "treated better" on Fox"News"? Who the hell is this clown?

Granted, the caller appears to be the standard "Ditto-Head" that lacks the ability to rub two neurotransmitters together to create an original and cohesive thought, but for Davis to claim that asking relevant questions to a political candidate is "hostile" is to be more divorced from reality than most people that watched "Flavor Of Love" and thought it to be compelling television.

In the end, Davis' criticisms of Paul's whimping-out of appearing on Meet The Press will likely cause him to see a decline in his guest hosting duties.

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