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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- When reading something like this you get a much clearer picture as to why this is aptly referred to as Bush's oil disaster. After all, when your administration is allowing a regulatory body to shirk their duties, then you bare the lion's share of responsibility when a dangerous practice like off-shore drilling goes horribly wrong.

- I appears that we are close to an end of DADT. It wasn't until I became quite politically minded about my country that I started to ask this question - why would anyone deny a person to serve their country? After all, from my perspective at least, the implementation of this absurd law was one of the low points of the Clinton administration. And many of those that whole heartedly supported this law either never served in the armed forces or have a seriously canted perspective of what "patriotism" means.

- I'm not about to claim that all Republicans are guilty of sedition, but one has to but look back just a few years at the more reasoned and logical complaints of liberals/progressives against the Bush administration and realize that they pale in comparison to the level of vitriol and hate leveled at Barack Obama. Sedition? On the part of some, quite possibly. Ignorance? 100% across the board.

- Fox"News" loves the editing bay at the studios. They do their best to make Bill O'Reilly look like his brainstem is fully attached at least half the week. Palin can barely exist on her own outside of the Fox"News" environment without being heavily edited so it's a given that she needs it. But what Fox really loves to do is edit footage of Democrats in order to make a hamfisted point that their easily lead fanbase will accept as the gospel truth. This is no less true for what has recently been done to Obama when he gave the commencement speech at West Point.

- I can recall when AIDS was first spoken about in the media. I was quite young and didn't really comprehend that this was about to become a health issue of global proportions and that America was sitting idly on their hands while people died. I guess that South Carolina favors that stance again.

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