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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beck's Noise Machine Polution

Of course he speech was easy to understand. But that's not going to help Beck with his Net Neutrality narrative, is it. Here's the portion without context.

Beck is hell bent on insuring that people that don't already know about how broadband providers, or the internet, work be given completely falsified information. The same is true for what Obama said during his Hampton speech.

Think about the noise machine that is conservative talk radio alone. That's what Clinton had to deal with when he was president his first term. This was long before bloggers were granted employment on news networks, before Fox"News", and before the social networking sites that many of us take for granted today.

In 2010 the noise machine is a malevolent creature in many ways that is solely focused on destroying not only Barack Obama, but anyone that thinks he is good for the country. It's easy to see why he would mention this within the context of not only his presidency and what Democrats are facing, but to graduates who have the opportunity to go out and potentially be part of the media that is there to counter the noise produced by conservatives.

Full speech - with relevant context - can be seen here.

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