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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Apologize For The Technical Difficulties

Due to the recent winter storm that blasted through Kentucky ( in which my county was one of the hardest hit ) I have been without power, heat, and a job for a week.

Thankfully, my employer is giving us a check for last week and we have generator power that has allowed me to return to work.

As for home, that's another story.

Trees down, minor house damage, lots of lost food, and it's still pretty cold.

I will hopefully be back to my regular schedule of posting in a few days.

I have been completely out of touch with the remainder of the world - save the few moments I have internet access ( like now ).

I am trying to comprehend the following:

Why do lunatic-fringe right-wing bloggers think they know everything about the "tax code" now?

Michelle Malkin is ranting about FEMA's 5-day delay to make it to Kentucky when she obviously knows nothing of Western Kentucky geography.

Are people really shocked that Micheal Phelps smokes the ganja?

Why has Kanye West not started complaining that he isn't on the initial BONNAROO line-up this year?

Are conservatives really thinking that Joe Wurzelbacher is someone to "consult"

Has Sarah Palin not figured out yet that she is a joke?

Do people read this at all?

Hope the rest of you are staying warm.

1 comment:

darkblack said...

What an unfortunate turn of weather in your region, aironlater...May it pass with all speed.


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