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Friday, February 27, 2009

"A lot of the stories that Kanye told went long"

VH1 Storytellers has a tradition of showcasing artists like Tom Petty, Ray Davies, Sarah McLaughlin, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Bowie.

I'm not entirely sure what to think when they decided to invite Kanye West to perform. Perhaps they are looking to explore the megalomania of contemporary artists rather than of someone that has something genuine to offer the audience.

The idea behind "Storytellers" is that VH1 encourages the artist "to just keep talking," and producers in turn will "eliminate any 'gotcha' moments" that don't work, Flanagan said.

During the taping, according to a Reuters reporter, West was aggrieved that Radiohead singer Thom Yorke had allegedly snubbed him backstage at the Grammys five days earlier. That hurt, West told the audience, because he idolizes the British band, and considers it one of his few creative rivals.

"So when he performed at the Grammys, I sat the f--- down," West said.

A little later, West asked the crowd, "Can't we give Chris a break? ... I know I make mistakes in life." He was referring to R&B singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on the night of the Grammys on suspicion of beating his girlfriend Rihanna.

More here.

If West thinks he's even near the same league as Radiohead, he's got more of a God-Complex than I first though.

But, if the premise of the show is to now just make the performer "keep talking", they certainly picked a fabulous candidate.

I cringe to even think what the final cut will look like.

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