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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus Money For Schools, Fire Stations, And Flood Prevention Is "Wasteful".....

........well, that's what Erick Erickson says.

As proof, he offers this list to his readers.

When reading through the complete, original stimulus proposal, you start to wonder what exactly people are calling “pork”.

Much in the same way that The Right has continually used the word “facsism” or “socialism” to such an obscene degree as to completely loose sight of it’s actual definition, they are doing the same with the word “pork”. And, when called to defend their use of this terminology, their only response has been, “that’s because it is”.

Either that, or they simply make something up.

Erickson poses this single question in his posting on RedState:

Exactly how are these related to stimulating the economy and creating new jobs

Nevermind the fact that the word “construction” appears in this list 8 times as well as 6 listings that would required not only construction but manual labor and specialized labor jobs. Additionally, approximately $1.735 billion mentioned in the list would go directly toward jobs ( as they are listed as such ) or would go toward projects that would require the creation of jobs.

People like Erickson, as well as the followers of RedState rationale, further prove my point that conservativism is not about being “for” something, but “against” everything.

Considering that Erickson doesn’t mention what he would NOT considering “waste” or “pork”, instead opting to use these terms, his question hold little to no weight.

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