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Friday, February 20, 2009

Greta Van Whatdoyoumeanfacts

Has anyone notice that since Palin came onto the national scene, and more-so now that Alan Colme isn't a regular play on Fox"News", that Greta is just letting her inner freak-flagfly?

Here she is speculating that Barack Obama is only visiting states and counties that he won because this is political theatre:

Oh, so sorry Greta. You're wrong - again.

From Think Progress

Greta is correct in saying that most of the states — four of the five, to be exact — Obama has visited are states he won. However, the places he has chosen to visit represent much less friendly territory, visiting three counties he lost by double digits and only two he won:

Elkhart County, IN: Obama LOST 44 to 56 percent [2/9/09]
Lee County, FL: Obama LOST 45 to 55 percent [2/10/09]
Fairfax County, VA: Obama won 60 to 39 percent [2/11/09]
Denver County, CO: Obama won 75 to 23 percent [2/17/09]
Maricopa County, AZ: Obama LOST 44 to 55 percent [2/18/09]

Moreover, Obama’s local visits have been open to the public — even the part of the public that doesn’t like him. In a radical break from President Bush’s policies, Obama’s town hall audiences have been unscreened, and critics are not only granted access but allowed to ask questions.

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