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Monday, February 9, 2009

What A Way To Be Greated

What happens when a politica newcomer steps up to a small crowd and starts talking "stimulus"

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet was speaking to a group of about 40 Democrats about the federal stimulus plan. After talking for about 5 minutes, Bennet took a handful of questions before a woman in the back of the room stood up.

"I'm sorry," said the woman. "I like some of what you're saying, but who the hell are you?"

The question was not asked in jest - the woman clearly had no idea who Bennet was or why he was speaking.

Micheal, welcome to the fray.

More here.

The article cited here in not entirely flatering to the Senator.

What I noticed when reading this was that the woman that questioned who Bennet's was - but liked some of what he said - is kind of a microcosm of the voting populous today.

People want to hear something fresh. But, if they don't know your face or your name, then they are unsure.

Voters ought to get over that fear and be ready to hear a fresh perspective from someone who isn't "known".

People that aren't the prototypical "Washington-Insiders" are the ones that need to be our representatives.

They are one of us.

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