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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Phantom Earmarks

You almost have to marvel at the mind of a Republican.

When confronted with the fact that an "earmark" for a specific district in the US doesn't exist within the Economic Stimulus Package, they simply tell us that it IS there - we just can't see it.

That's the approach that William Lajeunesse took when discussion the topic on, you guessed it, Fox"News":

LAJEUNESSE: Alexis, you won’t find it in the bill. That is true. However, it is there. Now, what I mean by this. This is what Republicans call a phantom earmark. It’s $50 million for ecosystem restoration, habitat restoration in the San Francisco Bay area, for Congresswoman Pelosi’s district, which is a priority project for that agency there. There is no question that this will be funded when this money is released to the EPA as well as to Fish and Wildlife.

More from Think Progress.

This brings up a very interesting point.

With all the sturm und drang coming not only from the Republicans in congress and the Senate, but from people like Sean Hannity and the bulk of conservative talk radio, they are speaking to those that will listen to them as if they have actually read the bill.

You see, that throws there whole thesis out the window. There telling us that no one has read this bill, yet, they are telling us what is in it.

Kind of makes you want to use the term - oh, I don't know - "liars", doens't it.

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