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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do High Ratings Equal Accurate / Fair Reporting?

Absolutely not.

But Fox"News" continues to think so.

And, I love this dig they get in on their competition:

This would be where CNN and MSNBC use an asterix in their ads to point out some half-baked one-time statistic to prove that somebody stumbled across their channels giving them a temporary spike in the ratings, which they would tout as unprecedented, earth-shattering and monumental. It's actually pathetic since we all know that if they massage their statistics long enough, they can come up with anything to make their tiny lame point. But deep in their hearts, even they know that FOX NEWS IS NUMBER ONE in cable news and has been for years.

Fox"News" is popular for one reason, and one reason only - it's tabloid nature.

People love exploitative television. They love to be "entertained".

If you had to choose between watching Bill O'Reilly have a shouting match with a large-breasted blonde or Wolf Blitzer talking with Alan Greenspan about bank nationalization, which would you choose?

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