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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Already Know How He Was Medicated

I'm entirely sure what's more disturbing about this clip. Is it Limbaugh's twitchy, reactionary lies, his ability to malign Alex Rodriguez's illegal drug-use and the ease with which a physician can accurately view your medical history, or the simple fact that Rush is, well, blatantly lying?

Think Progress gets right to the root of Limbaugh's falsifications:

In addition, Limbaugh is wrong to suggest that the recovery package would create a “major federal database” of every citizen’s health records. Rather, most summaries of the legislation explain that physicians will be offered financial incentives in the form of direct grants and increased Medicare reimbursement rates for adopting “certified electronic health records” and proving that they utilize them “effectively.” Indeed, while the government will be subsidizing the creation of this “nationwide system to exchange health data electronically” — it will not be running it.

More here.

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