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Monday, February 9, 2009

Who's Got Money Issues?

With conservative bloggers and pundits still twitching and frothing over Tim Geithner's tax "issues", it's interesting to note that we aren't hearing the same financial scrutiny over people like the new RNC chair Micheal Steele.

Michael S. Steele, the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, arranged for his 2006 Senate campaign to pay a defunct company run by his sister for services that were never performed, his finance chairman from that campaign has told federal prosecutors.

Perhaps it is just this writers perspective, but Steele's alleged $37,000 infraction is smaller than Geither's $34,000 - and he paid the past due amount to te IRS.

So, what' does Steele have to say about this?

He insists that there's nothing to see here.


Micheal, the American public aren't stupid. There are some that will go to bat for you, but those are the same people that listen to Glenn Beck and think Jonah Goldberg actually knows what "facsism" is.

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