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Monday, February 16, 2009

How To May Hay From A Piece Of Metal

A headline on yesterday read: Obama Disses Brits, Will Media Miss?

In case you're wondering what blogger Warner Todd Huston is getting at, here's hit post:

It appears that President Obama is dissing the Brit’s most famous and stalwart leader by quickly returning the most famous bust of the man loaned to this country by the United Kingdom in the aftermath of 9//11. The return of the bust of Churchill flustered the British government because they didn’t ask for it to be returned. Our best ally was nonplussed and even quickly told Obama he could keep it in the Oval Office where Bush had displayed the piece of art. Obama told them no thanks which made the Brits even more amazed.

More here for those who choose to visit RedState.

While it is the option and the right for every new President to redecorate the Oval Office, it's this sort of "issue" that is - well - not an "issue" at all.

With the langauge coming from the lunatic-fringe now casting any and all on the "left" as people that dispise Winston Churchill, this is going to quickly become another laughable attempt at making Obama look like "the enemy". I'm fairly certain that there is something that might be farther from the truth as that, but right now I'm not certain what that thing would be.

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