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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Style Vs. Substance: Rush's Jindal Moment

If you're looking for a really good clip of Rush Limbaugh in full on twitchy-flesh mode, this one is for you.

I'll pass over the obvious here - Limbaugh saying that he "knows" Obama and that he "knows" that everything Obama said last night was a lie. He never once told his audience what these alleged "lies" were. And he won't.

And I'll even pass on what can only be described as Rush's near dieafication of Jindal:

It should come as no surprise that Limbaugh would try desperately to shield Jindal from any criticism. Limbaugh repeatedly refers to the Louisiana governor as the “next Ronald Reagan.” During his Feb. 28, 2008 radio show, Limbaugh explained that Jindal is among the small group of conservative leaders with the “guts to articulate” right-wing “Rushism” principles.

Limbaugh's reactionary seizure and salivating cry that "style" won't able to save America - that only "conservativism" will. He places himself in this lofty position that he alone knows what to do, knows Obama's true motives, and can give you the direction that you should go in in order to make this country better.

These are all abstracts. Limbaugh is sucessful because of how he delivers his information. He's not successful because he knows anything. It's all "style", not substance.

And, as a nice coda to the video, check out the poorly constructed ad for the Scott McClellan book that is apparently meant to be funny. I only guessing that's what its intention was.

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