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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Using Langauage That He Once Called Anti-American

Bill O'Reilly seems to think he not only has the pulse of the nation, but a firmer grasp of reality than Barack Obama.

On The Early Show Thursday, the conservative commentator and host of Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" told co-anchor Harry Smith, "I don't know if his grasp of the bill is what it should be. And I'm not saying that in any mean-spirited way.

"But for President Obama to expect the nation and the Republican Party to accept a bill that (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the far left put together that rewards unions, that spends billions on global warming research, that goes into all kinds of social engineering -- if Barack Obama thought the American people, who are really suffering, were going to take all of this and say, 'Oh, yeah!' he's not living in the real world. So, it's partially his fault for not understanding the mood of the nation right now."

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It's bordering on surreal, the dramatic shift in tone, rhetoric, and style that has taken place not just at Fox"News", but by Bill O'Reilly himself.

Just a few months ago, this sort of speech would have been considered "anti-American". But oh, how times have changed.

That not-withstanding, O'Reilly simply doesn't understand Americans - period. He doesn't understand his country - period. The only concept that O'Reilly understands is himself.

The problem with O'Reilly's assertion is that he sees his demographic as the ONLY population group that matters, that his ratings somehow equal accurate and honest reportage.

Since he doesn't realize what is really going on around him, I say we let him keep going so that we can have more laughs.

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