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Friday, February 13, 2009

But Will O'Reilly Stand By His Word?

Of course not.

Why am I asking this?

Read this statement:

Yup, that's the Republican presidential candidate talking about his running mate, Sarah Palin, last night in the third and final debate. I was pretty horrified that, number one, he seems to feel that it is necessary to articulate how proud he is of Governor Palin, as if she were his niece not his equal. But what was even more shocking was that, in answer to Bob Schieffer's great question, "Why would the country be better off if your running mate became president rather than his running mate?", Senator McCain felt the need to end by invoking Palin's husband.

Did you hear Obama say anything about Senator Biden's wife, as reassurance that Biden will have help in the White House from a big, strong lady? If I were Palin, I'd be pissed.

Who said that?

Courtney Martin.

If you watched The O'Reilly Factor the other night, you would remember this woman standing her ground and not tolerating O'Reilly's crap. However, why she didn't mention that she did defend Palin when O'Reilly claimed that she didn't is still kind of a mystery to me.

Perhaps she had grown tired of Bill's incessant droning.

But, the point of all this is that O'Reilly said this to Courtney:

If you had defended Sarah Palin, then I would respect you and I would say, 'You know, you were right. Maybe I should apologize.' But you didn't! This is a left-wing play. That's what this is."

Bill, we'll be waiting.

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