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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Rationale Of O'Reilly

As I watched this segment last night, I got the overwhelming sense that Courtney Martin of the Women's Media Center wasn't buying into Bill's excuse that it was just "a joke", that it was somehow satire on par with Tina Fey's portayal of Sarah Palin on SNL.

Good for Courtney.

However, Bill no likey.

When he finally caught on that his guest, that he was hoping he could dominate, wasn't about to play his game, he let loose.

Click the pic below to play the video.

Pardon my "body language segment", but notice the raised upper lip, the head cocked-back, the index finger ready to fire. Yeah, O'Reilly mad. O'Reilly smash woman that make him look bad. GRRRRR!!!!

I'm not sure what's more insulting - he fact that he is so condicending to her or the fact that he is attempting to pass-off his verbal lashing of Helen Thomas as satire.

He continally invokes Tina Fey and SNL.

The problem is that Saturday Night Live has been a show based on comedy and satire, principles that they have held dear for as long as I have been alive. O'Reilly's program on Fox"News" has been based on Bill O'Reilly telling us that he is "looking out" for us, that he tolerates "no spin" and never delivers such.

For those of us able to think for ourselves, as well as those that realize how O'Reilly treats women, we can easily see through this pathetic excuse.

More from one of my favories, David Neiwert at Crooks & Liars

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