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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Great, Unwashed, Limbaugh

Yeah, he actually said this:

Now, let's keep in mind that Limbaugh has been such the water-carrier for the Republican party - no matter what they do - and he has of yet said NOTHING regarding their usage of government owned / operated planes.

Also, his twitch-and-howl about the private aviation industry producing "millions of skilled jobs" aside, when the auto industry is receiving federal "bailout" money, they should look at things that they can cut back on - no matter when they were scheduled to receive them.

If I can fly coach to DC for a meeting, so can anyone.

If he's going to invoke Congress using private aviation means, I'd like him show an accurate comparative analysis of Republican vs. Democratic private flight usage.

Oh, wait, he'll never do that.

And Limbaugh refering to himself as an "unwashed" plebian is beyond laughable.

Don't forget, this clown just signed a $400 million dollar "talk about shit that you make up" deal last summer.

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