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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jindal's Rebuttal To Barack Obama

I've been watching this over and over today.

I can get past Jindal's hamfisted delivery. Not everyone is a great public speaker. It's a fact.

Take another look.

Jindal's rhetoric is, well, just that - rhetoric.

There is honestly nothing within this rebuttal that hasn't already been spoken, en masse, by Republican of all stripes. Jindal even falls prey to the debunked memes that are being used to oppose the Stimulus Package.

The Governor throws out the oft used "empower Americans" bit that really doesn't address the issue. It's as if just by saying to someone "you're empowered" is going to make the difference.

Where are the jobs going to come from?

How do you convince someone that their hard work will be rewarded?

From energy independance, to healthcare, protecting our country from further attacks, on down to the tried and trusted "Democrats want government to tell you what to do" bit. It was style, no substance.

Jindal continually used the word "principles". While words and phrases around taxation and spending and innovation were use in conjunction with "principles", it seemed to be a rebuttal based more on abstract, conservative, theory rather than a solid plan of any sort.

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