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Monday, February 9, 2009

Price + Fees + Merger = More $

Nevermind that TicketMaster has been bad for the concert-goer for as long as I can remember. This merger is sure to make ticket-sales drop.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster are expected to announce a merger Monday in a deal that could lead to a dramatic change in how event tickets are sold: from the fixed price norm that often results in quick sellouts for popular shows to an auction-based model that legitimizes what scalpers have always done.

If Live Nation and Ticketmaster merge, the combined entity could bypass the primary ticketing system partially or completely, forcing fans to bid against each other for tickets in Ticketmaster's TicketsNow secondary market rather than selling them at a fixed price in the primary ticket market, the way they have done in the past.

More here.

With ticket prices for American festivals, such as the upcoming Bonnaroo festival this summer, inching toward $300+, does this mean the end of the festival as we know it?

Only time will tell.

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