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Monday, February 23, 2009

Direct To DVD Nonsense

Matt Lauer and right-wing "filmmaker" John "Go Fuck Yourself Nate" Keigler had a nice chat on The Today Show:

Certainly, there were plenty of people within America that have called Palin an "idiot". But, to have that as the keystone of your argument - apparently not just within this particular interview - is a tad sophomoric.

Zeigler, to this writer, seems a bit to gung ho for his own good. By that, I mean that he seems to be far too enraptured with this idea that there is some hidden, shadow-faction of media moguls that meet annually in the Hamptons in order to discuss who they are going to get elected each voting cycle.

It's the classic "conservative sore loser" position.

People like Zeigler are not concerned with correcting the problems within the country, like the economy. They are more concerned with creating a winning image to a losing team.

That being said, I'd really like to see how the rest of the film plays out.

I'm sure that it's comedy gold.

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