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Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Run With This Talking Point

According to most conservative blogs, and a lot of chatter that I'm hearing from people that I work with, the stimulus package that President Obama has passed is going to give us the following on our paychecks:

$13 per week.

Let's think about this.

What will that amount help me do per week.

I travel about 50 miles per week going to work. How much could I save in gas? Doing the math, that means that I spend about $1.56 travelling to work one way. That's taking into account $1.87/gal of gas. At that cost, I pay $15.60 per week in gas - just to go to work and back.

With Obama's plan, I could almost pay for my weekly commute to work.

So, what could I use that money for?

If you wanted to get REALLY technical, I would only save $10.40 per month.

What can I get for that amount?

That's another 5.50(plus) gallons of gas per month - at the current cost. And economists aren't predicting that it will be travelling any higher any time soon.

That's 6 loaves of bread per months - and who goes through that much?

With that money saved per week, I could buy more than 4-1/4 gallons of milk.

Just factoring that into your grocery bill per week - depending on where you lived - that's not too bad.

I'm sure you could find a way to spend that amount per week, per month, per year.

In the long run - let's say per year - that's about 125.00 per.

Try asking your employer for a raise right now - no matter the cost - and see what they say.

Granted, these figures were based off of what I spend per week. Some of you may spend less, or maybe a little more. Let me know what you spend and how you would throw thi weak talking-point back in the faces of those that think it doesn't matter. After all, this is about the "middle class".

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