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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too Bad That Point Is Invalidated

Dwayne Horner @ had this to say in a short post today:

GOP Chairman Michael Steele was on Hannity tonight and pointed out a great point, "Barack Obama has spent $36 BILLION dollars a day since taking office."

Just think what $36 Billion adds up to:

- 1.5 billion dollars an hour
- 25 million dollars a minute
- 416 thousand dollars a second

Or to put it this way, he has had nearly six million seconds in office .... so under the spending of Barack Obama, we could have purchased a $100,000 house for more than 12 MILLION people in America since January 20th. That's more than New York City and Los Angeles COMBINED.

Change we can believe in.

The same way of thinking was applied to the occupation of Iraq. All that money going to "nation building" - some of it being "lost" - and hardly any money being spent here, at home.

Obama is spending money at home, where it is needed.

Nevermind that the stimulus just passed recently and no money has been sent-out yet.

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