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Monday, February 16, 2009

SNL, The GOP, And The Conservative Spin

Saturday Night Live's abillty to tap into a topic and really take satire to a whole other level comes and goes as the years pass.

One can almost still sense the period of almost 10 years where SNL just wasn't that funny anymore.

Then came the Presidential campaigns.

It was as if the cast somehow embodied the spirit of those they were "taking the piss out off".


*as an aside, it should be noted that lunatic-fringe conservatives - and those that pretend not to be - don't seem to understand what "satire it".*


Something happened during the opening segment of SNL this past weekend.

Dan Aykroyd was back - which is always nice to see. This time, though, there opening skit was a bit surreal, almost dadaist in forumlation - a bit true, and somewhat lackluster all at once.

Take a look for yourself.

HotAir takes on the subject matter of this skit.

Here's Allahpundits response:

Starts off as a goof on inaction as a political strategy during a crisis — which isn’t a fair characterization of the GOP’s alternative stimulus plans, but good luck convincing public opinion of that — before veering off into painfully broad satire of obstructionism and general conservative out-of-touch-ness. A target this big, with help from Aykroyd and Darrell Hammond no less, and they still couldn’t hit it?

And the commentors go off from there.

So, Allah, what is the GOP's alternative stimulus plans? They don't seem to have one - unless you count voting "no" and talking about earmarks that don't exists or attempting to provide supplication to their lunatic-fringe constituancy because the 2010 elections are so close.

Even the talk-radio prattle-heads who stand behind these clueless politicians can't even articulate an alternative plan.

The truth is, they don't have one.


The fact of the matter is that SNL seems to have nailed-it with this skit. It's just as out-of-sync, and pointless as the GOP ( and their fanbase ) are at this point in history.

I guess it kind of stings when a mirror is held up to you and you have to face how pathetic you really are.

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