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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Derangement Syndrome?

She's not so much deranged and she is, well.......take a look for yourself.

Now, the tables have been turned. Some folks are invoking Nazi allusions against Barack Obama.

I’ve pretty much stayed away from using such rhetoric against those with whom I disagree — especially having been on the receiving end of Nazi allusions myself countless times over the years.

Since she's "pretty-much" stayed away from it, I suppose now is her time to welcome the less-than-creative on her side.

Malkin was famous for whinging about those on the "left" that used Nazi imagry against her man.

She's got an entire "look-how-clever-I-am" section of her blog devoted to "Bush-Derangement-Syndrome"

Anyone that lacks the creativity to pose an intellectually sound rebuttal, and opts for the "Nazi" retort, deserves to be mocked. But since Malkin now seems to think it's alright, she's no better than those she derided for the past 8 years.

The mere fact that she is even defending this clown - and the rhetoric that she once denounce in all her purse-lipped fury - makes her not only a hypocrite, but so glaringly pathetic that anyone that takes even a fraction of what this woman says seriously should reconsider their ability to think for themselves.

She's not deranged, she's just an opportunist of the worst order.

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