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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guns N Spreadsheets

I was once a huge Guns N Roses fan.

I fondly remember the night that a severely inebriated Duf McKagan and Slash stumbled on stage to recieve their first major music award and the F-Bombs scattered out on live television for all to hear.

That was a fun conversation starter back in high-school.

Now, Duff has his sights set on something new. The financial world. And Playboy is giving him the outlet.

Answering critics who would doubt his expertise, McKagan said he began studying finance in 1994 after "I got sober."

With time on his hands, he said he rummaged a file drawer full of old financial statements covering a six-year period at Guns N' Roses, only to discover they were too confusing to comprehend and were "meant to mislead."

After plunging into the study of finance and economics at Santa Monica Community College - and later at Albers School of Business at Seattle University (he's just a few credits shy of a college degree) - the bass player became a widely quoted media source about the economics of music and rock bands.

More here.

Some may equate McKagan's freshman attempt at economic discourse with Joe "The Gimmick" Wurzelbacher, but there's a slight difference - Duff seems a bit humbled by the concept.

Granted he's no Krugman, but at least he knows a hack when he sees one:

McKagan admits, however, he doesn't understand all the technical ins and outs of high finance, but says TV's talking heads don't, either.

"Those boneheads on TV just want to make themselves come off as smart . . . I hope to shed some no-nonsense light on day-to-day money issues," he wrote, closing his salty commentary with a promise: "I will do my best to expose frauds and criminals, one at a time."

I don't expect to have Duff's economic theories quoted by a lot of people, but his specific focus and unique insight should be interesting. For what it's worth, I wish him luck.


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