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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Somewhere, Rich Lowry Is Crying And Rocking Himself Back And Forth

Think Progress is reporting that Sarah Palin is backing out the the 2009 CPAC.

“We’re obviously disappointed,” said a CPAC official. A spokesman for the three-day confab, organized by the American Conservative Union Foundation and others, said that Palin, the popular former vice presidential nominee, had indicated she would be able to attend but cited “duties of governing” in bowing out. Instead, she will send in a taped message.

Considering that, while people discuss this and Palin's possible motives for backing out, the lunatic-fringe conservatives attempt to convince others that they are "afraid" of Palin.

What they should know is that Palin isn't so much someone to be feared than she is a person that is just a joke.

Palin's excuse of being "too busy governing" seems to be pretty pathetic an excuse.

If, in fact, Palin opts to retract her decline of invitation and actually show up at the CPAC, she needs to attempt to convince people that she isn't the dithering simpleton.

Also, since Palin has formed her own PAC, I would imagine that she is more concerned with herself than anyone else. What else is new?

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