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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Absentee Legislation

Perhaps they think that their "no" vote is going to be secured, even without them being there.

John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Jon Kyl were scheduled to travel to Munich, Germany for a conference on foreign affairs over the weekend, said the aide. After the Huffington Post reported the travel plans, aides to Lieberman and McCain dismissed the aide's contention, calling the report "erroneous" and "false." The lawmakers, they said, would remain in town for the vote. Our senior Democratic source insists the men had made clear their intention to attend the conference. Marshall Wittmann, a Lieberman aide, says emphatically that the contention that the Senators would have missed the vote is false.

More here.

The Democratic party should have removed Lieberman from their cuacuses when they had the chance. He's an embarassment.

And as far as McCain is concerned, he has little to no working knowledge of the economy - by his own admission - and will vote "no" on anything Obama or the Democratis offer up simply because he is a representative of the party of "No".

Let's see how quickly McCain, Lieberman, and Kyl turn around and ask for some "stimulation" when this passes.

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