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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greatest Healthcare Insurance PSA Ever

I wonder what Limbaugh's healthcare experience was like. Oh, look, a press conference:

Not to get overtly conspiratorial, but one can almost see this as a publicity stunt in order for Limbaugh to claim that America has the best healthcare system in America. That aside, he certainly used this opportunity to conflate two divergent topics: Healthcare and Healthcare insurance.

The one overriding factor of this presser is Limbaugh's assurance that he was NOT given preferential treatment during the entire ordeal. For lack of a more appropriate way of putting this, I call complete bullshit. Let's see the average American call the front-desk of their hotel and have immediate security detail and EMT service within minutes. It won't happen. Even calling for an ambulance to come get you takes time that many people not having the luxury of celebrity around them precious time.

More to the point, aside from the real fact that the doctors and hospital staff knew who they had on their hands, Limbaugh is comfortable and willing to extol praise in this situation because he can afford the care he received. He is outside the field of understanding when it comes to the reality of the cost of healthcare. And that is what makes him think that cost and care are one and the same.

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