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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tears Of An August Ego

A recent Harris Interactive Poll shows that Oprah is still most liked amongst television personalities. But that's nothing new. What is is who came in second place - Glenn Beck. Now take a wild guess as to where Bill O'Reilly showed up - 10th.

Ever since Beck's rise to prominence at Fox"News" I've stated clearly that he is a direct threat to Bill O'Reilly and his coveted 8pm EST slot. Bill knows this to, as he has literally kept Beck at arms length throughout his tenure. From Beck's own segment on The Factor to a joint speaking-tour the two are going on - though O'Reilly was sure that the title was taken from his book and not Beck's.

One can speculate with a fair amount of certainty that O'Reilly is not pleased that he is no longer the face of Fox"News". The smiles, laughs, and jovial attitude that he displays when in Beck's presence is pure theatre, although I'm wondering if Beck knows this. After all, his brain is usually addled with wild conspiratorial nonsense most days. But one has to wonder whether that is all for show.

It's been proven that he has take a complete 180 degree turn from his more vocal standpoints while he was at Headline News. The "new" Beck fits in far too well at Fox"News" for it to be real. But what if it is? What if Beck is foolish enough to not only believe what he says on his show but has somehow managed to convince himself that O'Reilly and he are "friends".

Oh, to be a fly on the Fox studio wall.

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