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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Republicans Are Having A Good Month

Well, as good as they are framing it to be.

From the reports of resignations by 3 Democrats ( and there are many more Republicans retiring, but you won't hear them speak of that ) to the newly revealed statements of Harry Reid. His racist comments are all the rage in the conservative blogging realm, and calls for his resignation are growing louder and louder.

And while not everyone is claiming that what Reid said is racist, one thing is quite clear - the conservative double-standard is most certainly in play.

Trent Lott made racist statements and his party accepted an apology and moved on. But that was before we had a black President. Conservatives are hyper sensitive about race, and Barack Obama's election simply amplified that to a fault. Many within the conservative ranks of leadership ( Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity ) still used racially charged language when discussing issues, but amplified their labeling of people as racists. So now that Reid's words have been revealed, conservatives are acting like children with new Christmas toys.

The one overriding factor that the reactionary wingnuts aren't taking into account is Obama's acceptance of Reid apology. Does it change what happened? Absolutely not. Should this be used to show that liberals/progressives are somehow "accepting" of racial animus within their own party? Not at all, but that is precisely what Liz Cheney says this is.

If anything, Reid should step down as Senate leader. However, from my perspective, he should never have been leader in the first place. His "skills", or lack thereof, haven't benefited the Democratic platform once. This incident only amplifies his incompetence in more ways than I care to enumerate at this point. The bottom line is that what he did was wrong and no one within the Democratic party thinks everything is "just fine".

But Republicans are forgetting that RNC Chairman Micheal Steele had his own racial slur problem. But this is all part of the great month Republicans are having. They aren't reporting on it in favor of another racial slur. And that is the double standard.

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