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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bottom Of The Barrell

Country music, more so than any other genre, is known for it's pro-Republican stance and songs about how government is out to destroy everyone. The only exception that I can think of at present is Alabama's No. 1 hit "Song Of The South" that lauded Roosevelt's New Deal long before Conservatives turned it into an evil Socialist scheme hell-bent on destroying America.

Now comes Ray Stevens. If you've ever heard of him, you'll likely realize that he's country's Weird Al ( my apologizes Al for that ) and one who isn't as likely to make an anti-government protest song. But one thing that country music is also known for is having a massive gathering of opportunists that are willing to latch onto a movement and recast their image in order to maintain any semblance of relevancy.

I guess Obama's in real trouble now, as the country genre has loosed Ray Stevens after him. I'm sure that there's going to be a high-level cabinet meeting this afternoon to learn how to spin this viscous attack.

Incidentally, the fine folks at Fox"Nation" are going crazy over this one. And isn't that indicative of their style of debate, to latch onto kitchy, pseudo-clever, schtick like this and expect people to follow them in lock-step. Aren't these people wanting to be taken seriously?

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