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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brown's Only Takeaway

I missed the debate last night between teabagger candidate Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Martha Coakley.

Considering the Right is already claiming victory for Brown simply because he raised $1mil plus yesterday ( and I'm suspecting that more than just the average conservative chipped in a few bucks ) they really shouldn't be cheering this man on. Why? Just take a look at the one clip of the night that is making the rounds within the conservative blogging realm.

Let's take note:

Job killer talking point - check

Start over on healthcare reform - check

Inflate actual cost of bill - check

Distort Medicare cuts - check

Scare vets - check

The only thing that Brown seems to have done in this debate that is worth repeating ( as it was in the clip ) is the poor attempt at being clever by claiming that the Senate seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy was and is the "people's seat". Once again, sort of clever, but ultimately understandable by anyone - even the non-teabaggers in the audience - as the statement that it was "Teddy Kennedy's seat" is nothing more than a rhetorical statement, as he was the last one to occupy it. And honestly, it technically still is Teddy's seat until someone else sits in it. The truth of the matter is that Brown, or any tea-bagging conservative, seems to have trouble understanding rhetorical statements.

In the end, Brown will more than likely come close to Coakley's votes, but I'm not working myself up into a lather thinking that all hope is lost and that she will lose. She's running for a Senate seat that has remained staunchly Democratic for longer than I've been alive.

The spin for Brown's loss is already being formulated. Even after next weeks special election, this story won't have a pretty conclusion for the Democrats. The tea-baggers will see to that.

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