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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Sammy

This has been the only take-away from the SOTU speech last night that conservatives can get behind.

Make no mistake, this is a breach of protocol for a sitting member of the SCOTUS. It’s being touted as this years “You Lie” moment. And to me, it shows that Alito both can’t hold his tongue when it’s required and has apparently let his personal opinion color a decision that will have far-reaching ramifications for this country.

Not to delve to deeply into the conservative “what if” world, but had this been Sotomayor mumbling during a Republican speech, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck would be calling for her execution.

1 comment:

rdale said...

There was something during the Alito nomination process about him being so pissed off by people who opposed him that he would cross the street to avoid them... Here it is:

He is not fit to be a Supreme Court justice.

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