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Monday, January 25, 2010

Racial Animus And The Marriage Question

Leave it to Fox"Nation" to allow some very racially provocative language and suggestions in relation to marriage within the black community - specifically Nashville, Tennessee:

Roughly 50 percent of black women in Davidson County have never been married, compared to 25 percent of white women, according to 2008 U.S. Census Bureau data. Nationwide, 46 percent of black women haven't tied the knot vs. 23 percent of white women.

The statistics back up what Crouch came to recognize on her own — that marriage is no longer a given for young black women. How women react to these odds is a personal decision that experts say has implications for everyone.

Is is just pure coincidence that this story is highlighted on Fox"Nation" shortly after the release of video showing Scott Brown questioning Barack Obama's mother's age at the time of his birth as well as her marital status? Perhaps, but it does seem rather suspicious.

That aside, the "tradition" of marriage is not necessary within the lives of everyone. Some women, as well as some men, chose not to marry. And that, within the eyes of the conservative community, is wrong - and thereby - against God.

To the average commenters at Fox"Nation", it is blatantly obvious they think most ( if not all ) black men are lazy welfare recipients who have multiple children by multiple women. Conversely, their opinions of black women isn't much better, as they are seen in a near masochistic light - preferring to be in abusive relationships with "thugs" and "players".

Again, I have to ask myself how any self-respecting black man or woman could even align themselves with the modern conservative movement.

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