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Friday, January 8, 2010

Obama Deified By Conservatives?

Bare with me on this and you'll likely see that I'm correct.

Through the entire pre-election cycle, conservatives talked about how progressives, liberals, and the entirety of the Left were treating Barack Obama as a God that had manifested himself into human form. But who is looking at Obama in God-like terms since the election ended? Conservatives.

All the primary conservative pundits and personalities are in a lather because Obama hasn't been able to bring unemployment below 8% in one year, that he hasn't been able to stop the alleged "war on terror" within a few months, or that he hasn't united the entire country in boisterous song before the onset of Christmas. They are complaining because they are falling prey to their own characterization of the man.

Liberals/Progressives see a man, not a God, that is willing to take on the very challenging task to mending the economy, of finding new and reliable ways of combating terrorism, of attempting to unite the country so that America can be stronger than it had been the previous 8 years. Those that voted for Obama had no illusions of who and what they were voting for, they were voting for a man up to the challenge, not a God that they thought could fix everything all at once. This isn't to say that there were a marginalized and fractionally irrelevant segment of people that voted for Obama based on some poorly constructed mythos, but even without them his victory was assured long before McCain nominated Palin and and conservatives turned her into the female version of Jesus.

The point is that Democrats, regardless of the style, see Obama for who he is and his policy ideals for what they are. This is not an easy situation to handle, and conservatives are going to make sure that they portray Obama as "the God that failed".

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